Marcel Blattner is a new member of Signifikant’s Board of Directors

By 13. May 2022 May 17th, 2022 No Comments
Marcel Blattner

As part of its continued growth, Signifikant is adding Dr. Marcel Blattner to its Board of Directors. As the former Chief Data Scientist at TX Group, Blattner has vast experience in analyzing campaign data and speaks of a forward-looking methodology in the context of Signifikant.

“What Signifikant has developed in recent years stands out from anything I’ve seen before and allows for an impressive depth of analysis and reliability. It’s not just the algorithms that matter here, but the entire methodology, such as enhancing the data with information from proprietary databases,” Blattner said. “There are some exciting further developments planned for the future, and I’m very pleased to be actively involved in them.”

Blattner is Principal Data Scientist at the Swiss Data Science Center at ETH. Previously, he was Chief Data Scientist at TX Group, where he led projects in computer vision, NLP and optimization.

“Marketing Mix Modeling is one of the most important tools for campaign analysis – especially with the elimination of 3rd party cookies. Accordingly, we are growing strongly at the moment,” said Esther Cahn, CEO of Signifikant. “Our customers should always be able to rely on the fact that we use the most performant methods and that the whole thing is backed by science. I am therefore very pleased that Marcel Blatter will support us in consistently following this path in the future.”

Signifikant is a marketing technology startup with a self-developed marketing mix modeling solution, with which it supports some of the largest advertising clients in Switzerland in increasing the impact and thus the ROI of their marketing campaigns.