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In order to provide you with the best possible benefits of comprehensive solutions, Signifikant Solutions relies on strategic partnerships.

About Exactag

Exactag offers a marketing performance platform with a focus on attribution. With an unrivalled wealth of data from data clean rooms, anonymous tracking, user-level tracking and publisher APIs, Exactag offers unique insights into your digital customer journeys and media performance.


In combination, our clients get a seamless best-of-breed solution of marketing mix modelling across all channels from Signifikant and a deep dive attribution for the digital measures from Exactag – comprehensively summarised in a dashboard.

About BearingPoint

  • Digital Strategy and Innovation
  • CRM Transformation
  • Customer experience design and transformation
  • Growth solutions for sales and eCommerce
  • IT Transformation & Architecture
  • Data & Analytics / AI

Media release about the strategic partnership


  • Unique bundling of highest competence & experience in all areas needed for the development of an effective 360° view
  • Innovative technologies and resource scalability for implementation
  • Comprehensive consulting and the entire project from a single source
  • Transnational implementation possible

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I would like to learn more about the partnerships
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