Would you start without orientation if you wanted to reach the goal efficiently?

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Big Data helps you find your way around and find the right way – like a map in a foreign city. This applies to many business areas as well as to campaigns.

In the reporting process of mass media campaigns, the possibilities of Big Data methods are still largely unknown. But they would be of great value and a direct economic advantage for companies, as research has shown. The methods are less complex than you might think and applicable to most companies after a short lead time.

We offer courses and workshops individually for your company or in groups with representatives of different companies. You can find our basic offers here.

We are in close contact with the Competence Centre for Big Data, which is currently being set up at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and which brings together various specialists from different faculties. Corresponding projects can be developed in cooperation with a university, which significantly reduces the costs for extensive development work for the company.

We support you in the initialisation and implementation of campaign controlling with modern analysis methods. Depending on where the individual requirements are, we deploy suitable specialists from our network.