Based on our solution advertisers can now for the very first time ever precisely determine the impact of their advertising campaign. To make this possible, we created a single currency: the RCC.
The RCC (Required Contacts per Conversion) indicates the amount of contacts needed to generate a specific conversion across on- and offline channels.




RCC Out of Home


RCC Print


RCC Social Media


Your company has run an advertising campaign to promote your new soft drink sold in supermarket chains. Your media mix contained channels such as TV, out of home, print and social media. Highly sophisticated and scientifically validated algorithms are now able to correlate reach (contacts) and conversion (sale of soft drinks). Among other factors, influencing factors such as weather, seasonality, etc. are also taken into account. After your RCCs have been calculated, the following results will be displayed:In this example, out of home was your best performing channel, while print required 25’200 contacts to one specific conversion.

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