360° view of your CRM & Brand Marketing

Overview of the 360° View to CRM & Brand Marketing

The rapidly advancing technologization in all areas of marketing creates a tension between specialization and the need for a 360° view, which is necessary for a value-adding customer relationship and for a targeted orchestration of people, technology and budget.

BearingPoint and Signifikant offer strategy development and implementation of a seamless overview of CRM and brand marketing from a single source. Increase the ROI of all your marketing measures: Online, Offline & CRM.
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More ownership and an optimal use of technology & resources for a state of the art customer communication.
Why Integrated Insights will make a difference for you:


Customer insights and data-driven decisions through an integrated 360° view across all customer interfaces.

Greater efficiency in data consolidation and more time to focus on what really matters: A value-added customer relationship.


A common view as a basis, thanks to which all areas of marketing work in-line and have the same goal in focus. Blind spots in marketing controlling are identified and eliminated in a targeted manner.

Greater independence from external service providers through comprehensive data ownership.


Process optimization and automations that save time and money. More speed to market, as all data is constantly available at a glance.

High digital maturity of your marketing and a high readiness for the constant expansion of the 360° view when new marketing stimuli are added.